John Butler Trio are an Australian roots and jam band led by guitarist and vocalist John Butler. They formed in Fremantle in 1998.
Current band members: John Butler, Grant Gerathy, Byron Luiters.

(This is only a fan page. JBT nor their management team run this blog)


John’s got some new tattoos-


thank you jbt family

thebestdaysaresunny: Have they ever been to Canada or are they coming any time soon? 🎸

Yes they have! They first toured over there in 2002 at British Colombia & Ontario and I’m pretty sure they have just had their Canadian tour this year in February.. they are in Paris now for their Europe tour until mid July, then heading to Japan, then to US, then heading back to Australia for another tour, then back to Japan haha so I’d say that would be it for Canada this year! 

brianalorikeet: Fabulous.

:)  xx

valley-of-an-ocean: This is literally the best fkn blog ever! So many awesome pics of John and the gang! Love it :D

Thanks man! I try my best :)


John Butler Trio || Old Broadwater Farm Busselton

Official video clip for ‘Livin’ in the City’ - John Butler Trio

John Butler Trio cover Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ for Like A Version

funky-tonight: do you have the link for that peaches and cream video? the one that you recently put pictures for? thanks

yes i do indeed :)